Above you can see Donna riding in the road on the way home from town in her wheelchair. When
she goes past the large white truck parked ahead of her the oncoming cars will have to swerve out
of her way. Many of the streets are more narrow than this one, and there are speeding trucks and
buses and pot holes to contend with(
page 2). The sidewalks are often broken and in terrible
page 2), so she must ride in the street. And, of course in the bad weather she had no
protection from the rain and snow and extremes of heat or cold. Donna is very spastic and has
poor control over her wheelchair. What would you do if this was your son or daughter and there
was snow and ice and a bitter wind howling...
nothing? For much of the winter many of the disabled
have no choice but to stay at home...isolated and alone.
a life or death issue...
Page 4
Selected e-mail correspondence and
messages from friends who have
Cerebral Palsy. Eye opening!  
Donna is very sociable and loves
nothing more than to go out and meet
with friends like Manuel pictured at the
left. Should she be denied this simple
pleasure because she is disabled?
Without transportation the disabled are
confined to their apartments, and must
sit alone in isolation from the 'real world'
most of their lives. This is how Donna
lived before she met Jim. Seems like
such a terrible injustice to shut people
out of so much of life. If you would like to
help please get in touch...
Click here.