Jim's Story
I think that some people may wonder why a "normal" able-bodied man would get involved with a
wheelchair bound woman with severe disabilities. If you get to know Donna like I know her, you
will understand. This is the story of how Donna and I met, and how we eventually fell in love.
Really, I think it was that beautiful smile and that incredible laugh of hers that brought us together. I've
never known anyone with such a gift for laughter. Even with of all of her pain and suffering she loves to
laugh and tell jokes and to make people laugh. Donna touches many hearts with this gift of hers. But let me
begin at the beginning.
I knew Donna casually for several years before we really got to know each other as
friends. We would say "hello" and that was about it. I was a little afraid to get involved with someone with a
severe disability, perhaps, and I was very busy with work and other commitments.  Donna lives in the same
apartment building as the man who was my boss at the time. It is a building exclusively for disabled adults.
My former boss is a quadraplegic. On occassion when I was entering the building on my way to work I would
see this beautiful lady in the lobby. She often looked very sad and lonely. Sometimes she would avoid my
eyes, but one day I made eye contact and smiled and she smiled back... with the most
beautiful smile. I was
a little hessitant to talk to her though. I knew another woman with Cerebral Palsy who had a severe speech
problem who would often get angry when people didn't understand what she was trying to say. I feared that
Donna might be the same. Yet I often wondered what this beautiful woman who sat so straight upright in her

heelchair was like. Did she have friends...a job? What did she like to do with her time? Did she sit home all
alone at night? Was she lonely? I wouldn't know the answer to these questions until years later when a
chance meeting in the lobby of her building with a mutual friend brought us together
                                                                                                           To be continued...
Donna with Clementine. Donna loves people and loves to socialize, but because of her problem with
transportation, getting together with friends and family can be very difficult, and she rarely gets company.
In the bad weather she had no choice but to stay home or go a workshop for severely disabled adults
where they do piece work for very low wages. She hated that. She wants to get a job and be integrated
into the 'real world'.  Before she broke her hip she preferred to go out alone in the rain and cold in her
power wheelchair to her job out in the 'real world'. When the weather was too severe she was forced to
stay home.
In the picture at the left
you can see how poorly
Donna's wheelchair is
fitted to her body. She
has difficulty swallowing,
so she must use pillows
behind her back to make
her sit up straight when
she eats or else she
chokes. She needs a
wheelchair that reclines
to help take some of the
pressure off of her very
painful hip. Medicaid has
refused to pay for one.
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