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Disturbing letter to CPNetwork message board:
Introduction_1 = Diagnosis, "spastic athetoid CP but actual
condition, unknown.  Progressive.   Developed complications. 
Symptoms include: weakness, strange sensations in arms, numbness,
vision problems, dizziness, drowsiness "etc.!"  It got so bad at one 
point that I had to fight constantly to keep from passing out.  When
ever I tried to move, I would become extremely drowsy, VERY QUICKLY,
and start to lose counsciousness.  Spasms in the neck, (especially
when I tried to speak), seemed to be the problem.  Through much hard
work, I've managed to minimize these symptoms over the past year. 
(I'm still unable to speak even a single word.)  I had to do this on
my own because I'm not receiving services.  My situation is
atypical.  I fell through the cracks of the system.  I'm hoping, this
too, is being corrected at this time but I was denied an aid because
the apartment I'm staying in is "too messy."  Besides the fact that I
can't clean it, why it can't be cleaned by someone el
se, is a long story.  But not having someone here to help me dress,
eat, bathe etc., is distroying me physically and mentally.  And I
doubt if help will come in time. 

   They can rebuild me!  But they'll never do it!  Bombs and guns are
more important to our government than assistive technology and the
like, for people with disabilities.  I've been deserted by friends
and family alike.  I'm isolated and lonely, and I wish I'd never been
born. And though individuals do their best to help me when they can,
I think society at large would like to see me, (and others like me),
Comments:_therapies,_etc? = Nothing!  Medicaid gave me a scooter that
doesn't fit on the bus and hasn't enough range to really go anywhere
without public transit.  I'm stranded in my own neighborhood.  A trip
to UCP demands a period of 2 to 3 hours charging time for the trip

   I have other medical problems.  Low vision, learning
disabilities....  Had open heart surgery years ago.  That's      some
of it.  

  Because I have vision problems as well as poor motor control, this
site was difficult to handle, and the registration process was
extremely   difficult for me.  :)  Just commenting, not
complaining....  :)
Introductory message from woman to CPNetwork:
Introduction_1 = I am an unemployed typist at this point in time;
have spastic CP that affects walking.  Also have profound hearing
loss corrected by aids.

Feel I can continue to be successful again in business.  Have a lot
of people cheering me on.  The playing field is not as level as it
used to be as the current political climate is not good for children
and other living things.  Would love to input on how others handle
job interview when one has a walker.  Do they see you as OLD or
Comments:_therapies,_etc? = Have had many surgeries.  First surgery
in 1945 (I was 2) they did something with tendons in the hips.  Had
some kind of stretching "surgery" where they used weights and
pullies.  I was put out.  Later, at 11, I had a muscel in my right
leg spliced to make it more relaxed.  I wore braces up to the hips
until age 11 or 12.  Wore a smaller brace on the right leg until the
age of 15.

My concern is fitting in with our over-glossed, over-fast society.  I
am concerned with reducing the affects of aging on my walking (I once
walked, now I use a walker!)  and continuing to be employed.  I am
not ready for retirement.  I have developed artheritus, but I am not
sure how that affects CP.  Do most older victims of CP get it?  Where
are the best places to get real help?  What is the cost?  What do
other do to help themselves.  What works, and what doesn't.