Selected correspondence on CP related issues:
Here's an exerpt from a letter that a woman born with CP wrote to the Yahoo Group, CP Network:
My husband, daughter (9-years old) and I live in Birmingham   As a
child with CP, my life was very sad and lonely.  No one
understood me and/or my potential, they just made fun of me and
called me
"jello" because my hands were shaky. I was quite and terribly
withdrawn! Never
had a date for the prom!  I came home from public school each day
crying and my
mother just held me close and cried with me because there was nothing
she could
do to take my pain away.
Heres a lovely letter from new e-mail friend of Donna and Jim:
hi there, like that nickname, by the way. And the only thing, ok a few more words is oh my goodness, what a beautiful lady and do you realize, probably, what you have done for Donna! My God! What a story in your own lives, which reads so clearly upon Donna's face that it is a sucess story! What life you have given to her. I would love to be her helper. But you live a very long way away! God Bless you dear man and precious woman! I would love to be a part of your websight. My troubles pale in comparrison, it seems sometimes,cept I hurt now, my feet, anyway.
I need to go, will write later, lots to say.
Love, (name withheld)
Letter to CP discussion group from our same friend:
Letter from CPNetwork message board:

Introduction_1 = I am 43 and have right sided spastic hemiplegia, I
have been through school, been married,I love to drive, even a big
pick em up truck, had a child been a CNA. My CP is hardly notiable to
the "outside world", always felt I'm handicapped, but not quite
enough. In my adulthood I have become so acustomed to using only one
side. I favor my right side as if it were my baby. My right hand is
overly sensative to pain, hot and stabbing or crushing and yet the
feel sensation is deluted.I received therapy, physical and
occupational as a child, wore corrective straps on my legs and an
adaptive mit for my right hand, which kept the wrist turned to the
correct angle. My right leg is a quarter inch shorter than my left,
so through my elementry years I wore a lift. Conative thinking is
rediculous. Words never come out of my mouth as I am saying them in
my head. I sing and read and write a great deal. My family, mother
anyway wanted to sheild me from all dangers. As an adult
  I reached out into the real world with much eagerness a world quite
different from what my mother would have me be living. I live in a
relationship and deal with the limitations I have set up for myself,
through my experiences.  Every day I have Cerebral Palsy, but being
ok with it, until I must think, half way kidding... My CP could have
been a lot different in a different time and space. I know CPers whom
cannot walk, wear helmits, can't speak, more so than I think I can't.
If I can pass some advice, heart warming story of my CP life, if I
can sooth a Mama's tears, cuz I'm a Mama too. If I can show what I
have and I do mean what I have accomplished, (my mother always told
me no and I counter acted with watch me), I'd love the chance to be
help for someone. I have been pitied I have been shuned and people
always point out I should be so grateful, of course I am lucky and
very thankful. No one has the perfect body, I am happy with the one I
was born in, makes me, me!
Comments:_therapies,_etc? = I need therapy daily living, walking,
standing, bending are my exercises and therapy. Because I have used
my left side solely, the left side feels as though it's wearing
down.I have constant back pain and pain in my legs and my right foot
hurts with I don't know why, perhaps because of disformation,
although cosmetically looks ok.I know they say that CP does not getworse, but my body tells me differently, maybe it's just old age?....
Stress plays havic with my brain, what's 2+2? Someone to chat with
who is having the same happenings as me due to CP would be absolutely
welcomed! Thankyou very much!
Jim asked new friend Martha to write a little about herself:
Hi I am Martha (full name withheld) I was born on June 24 1969 at 2 pounds 15 onces to Elizabeth and Edward Askew My mom was 23 my was 43 I was two months early my mom and dad did not know I had cp until My older sister Barbara told my mom and dad theirs something wrong with me, I was six months old when my older sister Barbara saw me for the firist time.  My mom and dad did not find out I had cp until I was 18 months  old I was born in McAlester Oklahoma I grew up on and off at 18 months until I was 18 years old in a center in norman I had my firist surgry at two years old and my last at twevle I went to Kingredenten at home in wilburton oklahoma until i was in third greade I was in fourth greade when i was put back in the center in norman Oklahoma I spent the next two year their 1 year I was in state custody because I was raped by my mom's boyfriend. Yes I had p.t and o.t and speech I spent 7 greade to 9 greade in wilbuton oklahoma went back to norman oklahoma for 10 greade and half of the 11 greade because I was in inpenedented living at the center for the second half of the 11 greade I went to norman high school in oklahoma and finished the last year there the center took us to the zoo circus the fair the state capable and ball games  to I am in a wheelchair I use to walk on my walker a long disance but now i can't go long disance at all I am a quad cp I am not posted be pushing my wheelchair long disance but I do. I do have a power wheelchair but don't have the space in my apartment they call this accessble apartment not at all this is why I am working hard to get out of here and bulided my own house I will send my web pages I got started with I love the changlle it give me. I have not made nothing yet but i am working hard on it. I need prostects to sign up it is free to sign up. I sent my web sites one is free to sign up with it called sfi i was on it for a year before I brought mining for gold by Shawn Casey I enjoy the book it taught me a lot about marketing my subject is that you get this book firist before marketing. I also sent my picture to you but it is two years old I am trying to get new one up I have no scanner or web cam no fax machine i wish i did Thank you Martha
Martha's post to CPNetwork message board:
I am martha (withheld) with quad cp. I am 33 in a wheelchair I have
couple of home base businesses I have been in home base business for
a year now because I like the chanllage and been told I can't do it
by my mom and I need my teeth fixed also want my house and want to
get married again to I won't give up either. But now I am having
problems with my knees and feet and my circlelation I have tried
every circlelation med. my knees are bad now. my knee cap has moved
and they are doing a mri on my knee on april 14 and i am scared
because I have a screw in my hip and I have never had a mri done
before I have had a lot of x rays done. Has any one herd of a gel mat
that goes in the bath tub. I take vitmens and herbs in place of my
meds I was mood swinging were bad. Hey faith saw morgan's page on here.
she is so cute and looks so sweet. Do you still get looks when you
are out with morgan. I get looks when i am out in my wheelchair. I
just look at thrm and tell them
the chair is my legs not my heart. I
am bold with it I have always been told I can't work but now i work
at home so I lay down when need to. Faith please do not give up on
morgan I have seen much worse. I grew up in a ceter in oklahoma and
got all the thepery there was. and now I am living on my own now.
Sorry about the spelling I am a bad speller I don't post much at all
because I don't have time. But if any one wants to talk to me. Here
is my yahoo messager id(withheld)... and that is my yahoo e
mail to. Martha (withheld) from va.