Terribly lonely and isolated until she met her boyfriend Jim, Donna was 'left out in the cold' with no
transportation and very inadequate care. She told Jim, "If I had known you five years ago I would
never have broken my hip."  She may have had a very limited education; still, she has a natural
gift for language. The other day she told Jim,
"Before I met you my life was closed. Now it's a beautiful flower blooming."
This is a shot of a
ypical sidewalk in Long
Branch, NJ. During rush
hour this road gets very
busy with speeding cars
and trucks (see above).
If Donna needs to go to
the bank, the post
office, the supermarket,
get her hair cut, or just
meet a friend for lunch,
she has no choice but to
ride her wheelchair in
the road and cross busy
intersections that have
no stop lights. If there is
rain, or snow and ice,
she has to stay at home.
accessibility for ALL!
Donna had to pull over to the side of the road to let this large truck and school bus speed past her.
(The orange flag at the bottom left is sticking up above her wheelchair). The sidewalks are often
impassable for wheelchairs, so she must ride in the road...a terribly dangerous situation for someone
who is spastic. Picture this scene in the winter with the wind howling and freezing rain or sleet in her
face and you'll get some idea of what Donna faced each day when she had to travel to work alone in
her wheelchair. Many of her disabled neighbors are in a similar predicament.  
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