Web site devoted to the teaching of J. Krishnamurti, one of the most
intelligent humans to have walked this earth. If you want to learn
about yourself, look into this -
Susie's Cerebral Palsy  web site and Discussion Group -  
"LivingWithCerebralPalsy". She's done a great job! -
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SCOPE - Great site in U.K. devoted to helping people understand
Cerebral Palsy.
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and Fun.
Life Extension Foundation - Interesting and very informaive site about
natural healing and alternative medicine.
Donna's rheumatoid arthritis has been cured by an
all natural
NON-DRUG approach. She suffered with
so much pain in her arms, hands, legs and ankles
that she used to scream and yell out that she
wanted to die. For years she went to doctors, but
they could do nothing to relieve her suffering. She
didn't want to live if she had to endure such pain.
Jim was fortunate to read something in a health
food store that has totally cured her as long as
she avoids all traces of dairy(milk) products in her
diet. Tomatoes are also a problem food for her.
After years of suffering she is now free of arthritic
pain. If you want more information about this feel
free to contact us.
Excellent NY Times article about Cerebral Palsy and an inovative
program for children with CP at St. Louis Children's Hospital.
Be sure to check out our  web journal where I post regular updates on
Donna's efforts to "have a life" and you can discuss various issues with
The Work - Unique and revolutionary therapy that helps one to solve
problems and free onself from the social conditioning one inherits from
family, friends, school, church, etc...that keeps one trapped in paterns
of behavior that may be detrimental to ones well-being.
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Selected e-mail correspondence on CP related issues, and personal
stories from wonderful on-line friends who have Cerebral Palsy. Very
revealing and eye opening!  
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Donna's fiance, Jim, is a professional musician. He
just finished work on his new CD.
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listen to some of the songs for free. Or
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for his band website to listen or download higher
bitrate(quality) files. All proceeds from the album
will go to help Donna have a better future.
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